Spotlight on Outreach: EuroVenus
December 14, 2016

EuroVenus – Studying Earth’s Twin Planet

EuroVenus is a sister-project to Europlanet that focused on studying Venus using a combination of space-based and ground-based observatories. The main space-based observatory used is Venus Express, the European Space Agency’s Venus orbiter, but some other space-based telescopes have been used particularly for observing the transit of Venus. EuroVenus was funded from 2013-2016is funded through the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme.

Outreach has been an important part of the EuroVenus project.  Features include “Meet a Venusian” profiles of researchers involved in the projects, FAQs on Venus and videos aiming from a full documentary about the project to a 3-minute 360 virtual observing trip.


A Journey to Venus – HAWAII 360°

EuroVenus – full documentary

Why Venus? (EuroVenus episode 1)

Winds (EuroVenus Episode #2)

Volcanism (EuroVenus Episode 3)

Temperature (EuroVenus Episode #4)

Transit (EuroVenus episode #5)