EPEC@EPSC Working Group

EPEC@EPSC Working Group

The Europlanet Science Congress (EPSC) brings together scientists from the fields of planetary and space research every autumn – virtually or in person!

The meeting covers all disciplines from space instrumentation to data analysis and modelling. Particularly for early career researchers, it can be a great experience and opportunity to attend EPSC and present their research and start forming a network.

The EPEC@EPSC Working Group ensures that early career researchers are represented at EPSC, that the conference programme is attractive to them, and that they find their way through the meeting with ease.

Activities for early careers during EPSC organized by EPEC@EPSC WG

Diverse activities are organised during EPSC to offer the opportunity for early careers to have the best experience during the conference. Check out the EPSC programme now and toggle the EPEC program group flag to find all early career related activities!

Early Career Booth

EPEC Corner at EPSC-DPS 2019

Need some advice from another early career? Do you have any problems concerning the conference? We are here to help you on the slack workspace! The link to the workspace will be communicated by mail before the start of the conference.

Early Career Short Courses

Short Courses at EPSC

EPEC organises different short courses during the conference with a variety of speakers on topics of particular relevance to early career researchers. Check the Programme for this year’s short course topics!


Mentoring@EPSC aims to provide support for early career scientists in navigating the EPSC meeting. If this is your first international conference, consider to sign up as an EPSC 2021 Mentee now!

Science Flash

Have fun speaking about scientific topics?! Yes, it’s possible, and yes, we have it! During the Science Flash you can practice your communication skills to present any scientific topic in a funny and engaging way! And there will be prizes!

Early Career Social Event

Open Mic Night at EPSC-DPS 2019

The social event is a great moment to have fun during the conference and to meet new faces! We organize a gathering to socialize with other early career colleagues and to play games together. Join in and have a blast!

Other activities for early careers during EPSC


EPEC Poster presentation at EPSC 2017

The virtual Outstanding Presentation Contest (vOPC) is a great opportunity to show your research and having your value recognised! If you would like to participate, sign up for the contest by 15 September 2021 (file upload deadline of EPSC 2021 is the 2 September).

Video contest

All the videos submitted to the contest organized by the Communications WG will be shown during a dedicated session during EPSC.

Diversity Committee Activities


We would also like to emphasize the various activities organized Europlanet Diversity Committee that can be found in the EPSC programme.

Active Members:

  • Jules Bourdelle de Micas (Co-Chair)
  • Johanna Bürger (Co-Chair)
  • Adhithiyan Neduncheran
  • Carina Heinreichsberger
  • Christos Ntinos
  • Gavin Tolometti
  • Indhu Varatharajan
  • Joana Marques Oliveira
  • José Eduardo Silva
  • Marco Pinto
  • Prasanna Deshapriya
  • Shrrirup Nambiar


  • Lena Noack (EPSC event organizer before EPEC existed)
  • Solmaz Adeli (former Chair)
  • Maike Brigitte Neuland (former Chair)
  • Joana S. Oliveira
  • Noah Jäggi (former Chair)

If you are a former member of the EPEC@EPSC WG, please get in contact so we can add you to the list!

Still here? Well …

…are you interested in helping to shape the EPSC program with us? Do you have ideas or wishes for future short courses and trainings at the EPSC? Please let us know! Contact us and/or become a member of the EPEC-EPSC Working Group by sending an email to epec.epsc@gmail.com!

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