EPEC Annual Week 2024 is Underway
June 27, 2024

EPEC Annual Week 2024 is Underway

The Europlanet Early Careers (EPEC) network’s annual training school, EPEC Annual Week, is taking place in Padova, Italy, from 24-28 June 2024.

The meeting is fully hybrid, with in-person and online participants.

The programme started after lunch on Tuesday, with introductions to Europlanet by the Society Vice President, Stavro Ivanovski, and EPEC by Co-Chair, Melissa Mirino, and the EPEC@EPSC Co-Chair, Johanna Bürger.

In the afternoon, participants were challenged to present short pitch introductions to themselves. Timothej Patocka gave the winning pitch and was awarded a prize. The day finished with the first social event: a guided walking tour of the city of Padova .

EPEC Annual Week 2024