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The Europlanet Society welcomes individual and organisational members.

Individual memberships are open to active researchers, early career scientists, students, retired scientists as well as amateur astronomers, industrial partners, outreach providers and educators.

Organisational memberships are open to any research organisations, institutions or industrial partners involved in planetary science and related fields.

Check the table below to learn more about memberships benefits, annual fees and registration procedures.



For Research Organisations, Institutions & Industrial Partners

✔ Representation at the General Assembly

✔ Reduced fees for events (including EPSC)

✔ Member-only content

✔ Include up to 10 individual memberships



For Researchers, Industry Professionals, Amateur Astronomers & Outreach Providers

✔ Access to 10 Regional Hubs & Early Career Network

✔ Reduced fees for events (including EPSC)

✔ Member-only content

The Europlanet Society is a scientific platform hosted and administered by ESF and it is not a standalone legal entity. Membership of the Europlanet Society does not entail any legal or voting right in the ESF General Assembly.

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