Austrian Space Forum publishes policy statement on analog research
May 10, 2016

Austrian Space Forum publishes policy statement on analog research.

“Vienna Statement on Analog Planetary Research” aims to strengthen research field.

Scientists at the Austrian Space Forum (OeWF) and  international partners have released a policy statement on analog research today. Analog research is a field that studies celestial bodies by looking for comparable conditions here on Earth. In analogy to future space missions, scientists conduct experiments, test technology and practice mission procedures. This helps to prepare future human missions to the Moon and Mars.

The “Vienna Statement on Analog Planetary Research” (VSAPR) recognizes analog planetary research as a scientific discipline. It highlights the importance of the field in the preparation of future human missions to distant worlds and points out the benefits of analog research for space exploration. Furthermore, it states three goals:

  • Scientific institutions shall increase their support to analog planetary research and better integrate it into their activities.
  • The field shall closer cooperate and raise its efficiency through networks and platforms for global exchange.
  • Research results shall be made publicly available and activities shall be better integrated.

“In the past ten years, analog research has greatly matured. The missions of the Austrian Space Forum and many other institutions have become more professional and thereby yielded valuable scientific results. For this reason, we feel that it’s time to clearly state the field’s goals and communicate them outward,” explains Dr. Gernot Grömer, President of the OeWF.

The VSAPR enjoys the support of numerous institutions and scientists from all over the world. It brings together people from various levels of professionalism, nations and walks of life and helps foster international collaboration.

The VSAPR as well as a list of its signatories is available here:

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