Virtual Access (VA)
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Virtual Access (VA)

Europlanet 2024 RI provides open access to online data services and tools tailored to planetary science:

VESPA is a Virtual Observatory for planetary data that provides access to over 50 data services & tools.

SPIDER (Sun Planet Interactions Digital Environment on Request) provides contextual information on predictions and alerts for planetary space weather analysis and payload/ spacecraft operations. 

GMAP (Geological Mapping) delivers tools and services for geological mapping of any Solar System body.

Machine Learning (ML) develops tools to address various science challenges and applicable to many planetary datasets.

Virtual Access News

Researchers develop AI method for mapping planets
1st Announcement: 2023 GMAP Planetary Geologic Mapping Winter School
Artificial intelligence can improve weather forecasting in space. ©NASA/Johns Hopkins APL/Ben Smith
Using AI to Predict the Danger of Solar Storms for Earth
Geology & Planetary Mapping Winter School
2020-21 VESPA Open Call Announcement
Building a Community for Planetary Geological Mapping
Fireball. Credit: H. Edin
Virtual Fireballs Workshop #1 on Fireball Databases and Machine Learning
All Eyes on Mars
Europlanet 2024 RI Kick Off Meeting - TA Splinter Meeti
Highlights from Year 1 of Europlanet 2024 RI
Geological map of Mercury
China-EU Project Launched to Support Planetary Geological Mapping

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