Europlanet Prize FAQs

Who can apply?
Nominations are open to anyone that has run successful public engagement activities relating to planetary science in a country that is participating in the Europlanet project or in a member state of the EU. Individuals or groups can be nominated by third parties or nominate themselves, supported by three letters of reference.

Groups can be from the same institution, or from a consortium of different organisations. However, Europlanet will only be able to make a single payment to prize winners and cover the travel expenses of one representative to attend the Europlanet Science Congress (EPSC) and receive the award. Groups will need to nominate a team leader to whom, if successful, the prize money would be paid and who would receive the prize on behalf of the rest of the group at EPSC. It would be up to the group to arrange how any prize money would be distributed between the group members.

What kind of projects will be looked on favourably?
Europlanet’s outreach objectives are to motivate and enable European planetary scientists to be involved with outreach activities, and to find innovative ways of raising the profile of Europe’s planetary science activities among its citizens [as well as policy makers and industry].
Europlanet is therefore looking to recognise outreach projects that have:
• Been innovative in developing new ways of communicating planetary science subjects or engaging “hard-to-reach” audiences (e.g. teenagers, young adults) with planetary science.
• Reached audiences in more than one European country.
• Have widened access to planetary science research (e.g. through citizen science projects, by opening up access to facilities or experiments etc)
• Have developed ongoing links between researchers and the wider community

Are there any restrictions on how the prize money is spent?
No. Winners may use the prize to fund ongoing public engagement activities if they wish, but they are under no obligation to do so.

When can I put forward a nomination?
Nominations are now closed for the 2019 Europlanet Prize for Public Engagement. Details of any future call for nominations will be published on the Europlanet Society website.

When will I hear if my application has been successful?
You will hear within 6 months of the nomination deadline.

Who are the past winners of the prize?
Find out about all the past winners and special mentions awarded by the Judging panel here.

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