Europlanet Early Careers Network (EPEC) News
— November 20, 2019

Motivational Journeys – Thérèse Encrenaz For the second interview in our series of Motivational Journeys, we talk to Dr Thérèse Encrenaz of CNRS/Observatoire de Paris. Thérèse Encrenaz studied astronomy/astrophysics and has been involved in various missions including Vega 1 & 2 to Comet Halley, Galileo to Jupiter, the Phobos and Mars Express missions to Mars, […]

— November 12, 2019

Inspiring stories – Lecturers without borders In this EPEC Inspiring Outreach Story, Athanasia Nikolaou, guest researcher studying the magma ocean stage of planetary formation at the German Aerospace Centre, tells us how, together with other researchers, she has set up a network that links travelling scientists with local communities. Scientific conferences on many disciplines take place […]

— October 21, 2019

Motivational Journeys – a new video series from EPEC The EPEC Diversity Working Group is made up of young researchers and scientists who come from diverse environments and cultures. However, we all have one thing in common: we all grew up hearing about how humankind landed on the Moon and this has helped motivate us […]

— October 17, 2019

Inspiring stories – Painting the unseen In this EPEC Inspiring Outreach Story, Mai Wada from the University of the Arts London tells us how she has been working with two early career astronomers to enhance our understanding of the universe. Painting the unseen is an effort to combine scientific data with art to visualise celestial objects, […]

— September 12, 2019

Inspiring Stories – Sharing Science through Social Media Talking to young people in their own language. In this EPEC Inspiring Outreach Story, Jan Lukačevič from the Institute of Atmospheric Physics of the Czech Academy of Science tells us how to reach out to a young generation with science through social media! In previous Inspiring Stories we […]

— September 2, 2019

EPSC-DPS Joint Meeting 2019 Early Career Programme The EPSC-DPS Joint Meeting 2019 will have a packed programme of Early Career events organised by EPEC, the Europlanet Society’s Early Career Network. All EPEC events are free of charge, and no registration is required, except where explicitly mentioned. Please note that no lunch is served at the […]

— August 12, 2019

Inspiring Stories – Sailing Across the Stars In this EPEC Inspiring Outreach Story, José Eduardo Oliveira Silva from the Observatorio Astronomico de Lisboa tells us how he embarked on an outreach voyage along the coast of Portugal to bring the joy of science to people living on the coast. In August 2016, the Ciência Viva institution […]

— July 12, 2019

Inspiring Stories – A Space Rendezvous in Rome In this EPEC Inspiring Outreach Story, Melissa Mirino from the Open University in the UK, tells us how she is helping to organize meetings where the public can meet planetary scientists! In February 2018, during the lunch of the first SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch, a group of […]

— June 12, 2019

In this EPEC Inspiring Outreach Story, Hannah Sargeant from the Open University in the UK tells us how she launched a stratospheric balloon with the help of school children in an attempt to spark their love for the space exploration. Since winning the I’m a Scientist competition I did a lot of research into space balloons and how to […]

— May 30, 2019

Report on 2nd EPEC Annual Week The 2nd EPEC (Europlanet Early Career network) Annual Week was held at the University of Lisbon, Portugal from 20th-24th May 2019. 44 early career professionals from all over the world and across the Europlanet community gathered to discuss current and future space activities in Europe. The workshop brought together […]