Counting Down to Jupiter
June 29, 2016

Juno: Countdown to Jupiter Orbital Insertion Manoeuvre

NASA’s Juno mission arrived at Jupiter early in the morning of 5th July 2016. The goal of the Juno mission is to understand the origins and evolution of the giant planet. Jupiter is thought to be the first planet to have formed in our Solar System, but there are many unanswered questions surrounding its formation and structure. Juno will study Jupiter’s gravitational field, inner structure, deep atmospheric composition and magnetic environment, including Jupiter’s spectacular auroras.

Europlanet planned a series of activities in the count down to Juno’s arrival.  Find out about European contributions to the mission – scientists and engineers from ItalyFranceBelgium, the UK and Denmark are involved!


Europlanet premiered the first animation in a series of popular science videos. Jupiter and its Icy Moons is a 5 minute animation about Jupiter, its multiple moons and the amazing things that two intrepid robotic missions — Juno, from NASA and JUICE, from ESA — expect to discover about this massive and intriguing planet.

Watch a trailer for the video:

Take a look at the teaser:

Click on the images below to download full-resolution posters. Feel free to print* them and share pictures of them on your wall or on social media!

Jupiter_Icy_Moons Juno_Juice


*A3 full print, no white borders. For better results please use semi matte paper, 250/300 gr

Latest News

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29th June – Mission Juno : University of Liège goes into orbit at Jupiter


Europlanet held a public event on 5th July in Athens to celebrate, with Juno’s Principal Investigator, Scott Bolton, on a live link from JPL, and discussion by leading European scientists.  Find out more about this and other events relating to Juno’s arrival at Jupiter.