Europlanet Society Executive Board

The Executive Board consists of the five officers of the Europlanet Society (President, two Vice-Presidents, Secretary and Treasurer) and six other members.

The current members of the Executive Board of the Europlanet Society have been elected during the General Assembly on 19 September 2019, in Geneva.

The Executive Board Members are responsible for oversight of the following remits, providing an added liaison point at Board level for the relevant Europlanet Society Committees and Working Groups and Europlanet 2020 RI Tasks.

  • Communication: Livia Giacomini, Leigh Fletcher, Anita Heward (liaison with ESF Communication Officer) 
  • Outreach and Education: Livia Giacomini, Anita Heward 
  • Early Career: Lora Jovanovic  
  • Diversity: Ann Carine Vandaele  
  • Inclusion and Widening Participation: Ewa Szuszkiewicz, Angelo Pio Rossi 
  • Industry Relations: Ewa Szuszkiewicz  
  • Amateur Collaboration: Ricardo Hueso, Leigh Fletcher 
  • Infrastructure Development: Angelo Pio Rossi, Maria Cristina de Sanctis 
  • Global Collaboration: Maria Cristina de Sanctis, Ricardo Hueso 
  • Policy Engagement: Ann Carine Vandaele, Livia Giacomini 
  • External Funding Opportunities: Angelo Pio Rossi, Ewa Szuszkiewicz 
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