Funding Opportunities

Being part of the Europlanet Community opens up a range of funding opportunities:

Europlanet 2024 Research Infrastructure Funding Opportunities (Open to all)

Transnational Access Programme – Funding to visit (physically or virtually) field and laboratory facilities in Europe and around the world (Open to all)

Europlanet Telescope Network – Funding to access (physically or virtually) the network of 16 facilities in the Europlanet Telescope Network (Open to all)

Europlanet Expert Exchange Programme – Funding to mobilise the planetary community through physical or virtual visits (Open to all)

Europlanet Ambassadors’ Programme – Travel and other expenses to carry out a project to raise awareness of European planetary science and build a wider international user base of the RI from the international academic and industrial community (Open to all)

Society Funding

Europlanet Public Engagement Funding Scheme (Open to all)

Europlanet Society Committee Funding Scheme (Open to Members)

Information on EC, ESA and other planetary-related calls (Accessible by Members)


EPSC2021 Bursaries


Farinella Prize

Europlanet Prize for Public Engagement