Educational Resources

Educational Resources

Europlanet supports the use of planetary science to inspire and engage students and teachers with STEM.

To support students, parents and teachers that are home schooling as a result of the global health emergency caused by Covid-19, we are collating STEM educational resources in as many languages as possible.

We will continue to add to these over the coming weeks and welcome any recommendations.

The Mars Collection is a new series of educational resource packs exploring the possibilities of life on the Red Planet. The resources are linked to Europlanet’s planetary field analogue sites – places on Earth that resemble environments on other planets in our Solar System. Find out more.

Other Educational Resources

Europlanet Magazine (contains stories on outreach and education activities)

Europlanet Webinars (English)

Videolezioni di Planetologia (Italian)

BepiColombo Mission to Mercury

Europlanet IAU astroEDU collections of educational resources

Planetary Science Resource of the Week

Planets in a Room

Animations (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish)

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