Spotlight on Outreach

EPEC Inspiring Stories / Spotlight on Outreach

EPEC Inspiring Stories and our ‘Spotlight on Outreach’ series are opportunities for EPEC members and Europlanet partners to highlight their outreach and education programmes and to share best practice. If you would like to be featured in a future  post, please contact us.

12 February 2019 – ExoWorld Spies

23 January 2019 – The barrel organ of plate tectonics

30 October 2018 – HABIT exhibition tour of Sweden

28 February 2018 – World Space Week and 60 Years of Space Exploration

31 July 2017 – Vitual Moon and planetary atlases

30 June 2017 – SpaceUp London

28 April 2017 – Barbara Cavalazzi, University of Bologna

14 December 2016 – EuroVenus: Studying Earth’s Twin Planet

1 August 2016 – University of Athens Observatory

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