Outreach and Education at EPSC

Outreach and Education at the Europlanet Science Congress (EPSC)

The Europlanet Science Congress (EPSC) is an opportunity for sharing the latest developments in planetary science with communities hosting Europlanet’s annual meeting and around the world, as well as a platform for discussing tools, approaches, outcomes and innovations within the planetary outreach and education community.

Outreach sessions at EPSC2022 will include:

Outreach and Education Activities at EPSC2022

EPSC2022 is putting together an active programme of outreach activities to share the fascination and inspiration of planetary science with people around the world and to build links with new communities.

EPSC2022 Goes Live for Schools

Once again, the Europlanet Science Congress (EPSC) will be opening its doors to schools and giving students a glimpse of how contemporary science is done.

Teachers and students are kindly invited to join us virtually with their classroom or educational institute  (suggested age range 12-18 years old or older).

Find out more about EPSC Goes Live for Schools 2022

EPSC2022 Planetary Science Wiki Edit-a-thon

The Planetary Science Wiki-Edit-a-Thon, run by the Diversity Committee of the Europlanet Society, in collaboration with WikiMujeres, Women in Red, WikiDonne, Wikimedia Belgium, and 500 Women Scientists is an on going project. The main objective is to highlight diversity within the planetary science community. The Diversity Committe will be organising another Edit-a-thon during EPSC2022 to highlight diversity within the planetary science community. The EPSC2022 Diversity Lecture will also be given by Ester Bonet from WikiMujeres.

The Edit-a-thon will kick off with an intro event on Sunday 18th September at 16:15-17:15 CEST. The splinter meeting is open to all conference participants, but if you wish to get additional information, 
you can fill the form: https://forms.gle/xBXebPGSkD5AydPz6

Find out more about the Wiki Edit-a-thon

International Observe the Moon Night

EPSC2022 is teaming up with International Observe the Moon Night to encourage everyone to connect with lunar enthusiasts around the world and see how Moon changes during the month between EPSC in mid-September and International Observe the Moon Night on 1 October.

More details coming soon!

#InspiredByOtherWorlds arts contest

#InspiredByOtherWorlds 2022 contest banner
#InspiredByOtherWorlds 2022 contest banner

The Europlanet Society Congress (EPSC) 2022 is inviting schools  and space enthusiasts of all ages to get creative and share their artworks and performances inspired by other worlds in a contest called #InspiredByOtherWorlds.

The theme this year is ‘Interception’.

With missions like Comet Interceptor and the DART in the headlines, this year’s contest looks at ideas around meeting, moving and impact in relation to planetary exploration! Show us how you have been inspired to create drawings, storytelling, pictures, videos, models, craft works or art installations at home. 

Find out more about #InspiredByOtherWorlds

#PlanetaryScience4All video contest

The Europlanet Early Career (EPEC) Communication working group offered doctoral candidates, Bachelor’s and Master’s students involved in planetary science the opportunity to showcase their research through a 4-minute video contest called #PlanetaryScience4All.

Videos were be shown during a dedicated session during the Europlanet Science Congress (EPSC) 2021. The winner of the competion, will receive a free registration for EPSC2022 in Granada.

Find out more about #PlanetaryScienceForAll

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