France Hub

The France Hub was established in 2019 to promote planetary science and related fields for the benefit of the French and wider European community, within the Europlanet Society.

Members of the Committee of the France Hub are:

  • Chair: Susan Conway (University of Nantes)
  • Vice Chair: Gabriel Tobie (University of Nantes)
  • Diversity Officer: Loïc Rossi (LATMOS)
  • Outreach Officer: Brigitte Zanda (IMPMC)
  • Industry Officer: Jeronimo Bernard-Salas (ACRI-ST
  • Vice Industry Officer: Boris Segret (Obs. Paris)
  • Early Career Officer: Ines Belgacem (Université Paris Sud)
  • Agency Relations Officer: Frédéric Schmidt (Université Paris Sud)
  • Amateur Astronomy Officer: Nicolas André (IRAP)
  • Advisor: Athena Coustenis (Obs. Paris)