January 27, 2023
News & Events
— May 30, 2023

Calls for Europlanet Outreach Funding Scheme and Prize 2023 Are you looking for funding to kickstart an outreach or education project related to planetary science? Or have you run a […]

— May 22, 2023

Europlanet Expert Exchanges – Call Now Open A new call has been launched for the Expert Exchange Programme, funded through Europlanet 2024 Research Infrastructure (RI), which aims to share expertise […]

— May 4, 2023

Get involved the Europlanet Northern Regional Hub Activities The Europlanet Northern Regional Hub will be at the Europlanet Research Infrastructure Meeting (ERIM) 2023 in Bratislava from 19-23 June. The Northern Europe […]

— May 3, 2023

Asteroid Research Training Workshop (Hybrid) The Europlanet 2024 Research Infrastructure (RI) project and the Tartu Observatory of the University of Tartu are pleased to announce the international training workshop “Asteroid […]

— April 27, 2023

Rocks from Space and Planetary Defence Workshop in Morocco Rocks from Space and Planetary Defence, the third in a Europlanet Series of workshops is taking place this week from 25-28 […]

— April 27, 2023

AQUILA Facility Hosts First Transnational Access Visit The Atomki-Queen’s University Ice Laboratory for Astrochemistry (AQUILA) facility, which was established at the ECR Ion Source (ECRIS) Laboratory at Atomki, Debrecen with […]

— April 26, 2023

Take a trip to the planets with Bimbim and his team The first three episodes of “A Journey to the Planets” series, the winning proposal of the 2022 round of […]

— April 14, 2023

JUICE’s Adventure Begins Congratulations to the European Space Agency (ESA), Arianespace and everyone involved in the successful launch of the Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer (JUICE) mission. JUICE set off today […]

— April 14, 2023

Announcement of Europlanet Summer School 2023 Europlanet 2024-RI and the Molėtai Astronomical Observatory (ITPA VU) are pleased to announce the international research summer school “Space missions: ground-based observations and science communication“ (hybrid school, August […]

— April 14, 2023

Calling AI experts! Join the hunt for exoplanets – Ariel Data Challenge 2023 Artificial Intelligence (AI) experts have been challenged to help a new space mission to investigate Earth’s place […]

— April 13, 2023

Announcing the Icy Moons Collection of Educational Resources To celebrate the launch of ESA’s JUICE mission, Europlanet is releasing a new collection of free educational resources themed around icy moons […]

— April 6, 2023

With the exponential growth in EPEC activities across EPEC working groups since its launch and with the term of our current EPEC committee Co-Chairs ending, the EPEC Committee is looking for one elected Committee Co-Chair for the next term to help sustain the Committee activities. The term of the elected EPEC Committee Co-Chairs will be two years with an option to extend for an additional year. The expected time commitment of the elected EPEC Chair is approximately two hours per week averaged over one year. However, an increased commitment is expected during the EPEC Annual Week and EPSC organizing weeks.

— March 31, 2023

Europlanet Research Infrastructure Meeting (ERIM)/Europlanet Early Career (EPEC) Annual Week 2023 – Registration Now Open The first Europlanet Research Infrastructure Meeting (ERIM), co-hosted with the fifth Europlanet Early Career (EPEC) Annual Week, […]

— March 16, 2023

 13th “Paolo Farinella’’ Prize, 2023   To honor the memory and the outstanding figure of Paolo Farinella (1953-2000), an extraordinary scientist and person, a prize has been established in recognition of […]

— March 13, 2023

Announcement of Changes to Venues for EPSC2024 and EPSC-DPS 2025 Joint Meeting Dear Colleagues, We learned in January that the refurbishment of the venue for the Europlanet Science Congress (EPSC) […]

— March 10, 2023

4th Europlanet Workshop on Fireballs/Lunar Impact Flashes 12-13 May 2023, online. Convened by: Manuel Scherf (Space Research Institute, Austrian Academy of Sciences), Günter Kargl (Space Research Institute, Austrian Academy of Sciences) and […]

— February 10, 2023

Results of Call 3 for Transnational Access to Europlanet 2024 Research Infrastructure (RI) facilities Europlanet 2024 RI’s Transnational Access (TA) programme offers researchers the opportunity to apply to visit planetary analogue […]

— February 7, 2023

Europlanet Dinner Debate in the European Parliament On 24 January 2023, Europlanet and Niklas Nienass, MEP, co-hosted a Dinner Debate in the European Parliament. The theme of the debate was […]

— February 2, 2023

Rocks from Space and Planetary Defence – Europlanet Workshop Series – Europlanet Workshop Series Third workshop Registration is now open for the workshop ‘Rocks from Space and Planetary Defence’, which […]

— February 2, 2023

Following the success of the European Space Conference that was held from 23-24 January, MEP Niklas Nienass in his recent article highlighted the main outcomes, such as boosting the international […]

— January 27, 2023

SPIDER in the News Europlanet’s SPIDER (Sun Planet Interactions Digital Environment on Request) virtual access service has been in the news recently in two studies using data from ESA missions […]

— January 26, 2023

BepiColombo and Solar Orbiter compare notes at Venus  Europlanet 2024 RI/ISAS/JAXA Press ReleaseThursday, 26 January 2023 The convergence of two spacecraft at Venus in August 2021 has given a unique […]

— January 25, 2023

The Institute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences (IA) in Portugal has launched a free educational board game that promotes group learning about the planets and moons of the Solar System and […]

— January 13, 2023

Researchers develop AI method for mapping planets Can the mapping of planets become an automated process? Scientists from Constructor University in Bremen, Germany, the University of Padua, and the University […]

— May 20, 2023

20-EPN2-035: Characterisation of the composition and metabolic profiles of microbial communities in Antarctic dry soils as a model for Mars explorations Visit by Fabiana Canini, University of Tuscia (Italy) to […]

— May 16, 2023

21-EPN-FT1-018: Biogeochemistry in extreme environments: assessing analogues to early Earth environmental conditions in high-altitude hypersaline Andean lakes Visit by Alexandra Rodler, Austrian Academy of Sciences (Austria) to TA1.6 Argentinia Andes […]

— May 16, 2023

20-EPN-24: Spectral investigation of the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans as planetary analog for ancient fluvio-lacustrine environments on Mars Visit by Katrin Stephan and Ernst Hauber, DLR Institute of Planetary Research (Germany) […]

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