News & Events
— November 30, 2023

Join the 2024 GMAP Geology and Planetary Mapping Winter School! The GMAP Geology and Planetary Mapping Winter School is an exciting opportunity to delve into planetary geological mapping with guidance […]

— November 30, 2023

Supporting UK and Hungarian Industry Collaborations Two overarching objectives of Europlanet are to foster industry-academic collaboration and to widen participation from under-represented states in Europe and around the world. Last […]

— November 23, 2023

Europlanet at Space Tech Expo Europe The Europlanet Society participated for the first time in the Space Tech Expo Europe, which took place in Germany (Bremen) between 14-16 November 2023. […]

— November 12, 2023

Meet the New Board Members of the Europlanet Society The results of the elections of the Europlanet Society Executive Board were announced at the Europlanet General Assembly on Friday, 10 […]

— October 27, 2023

Europlanet Society Discord Get-Togethers What Are They? Europlanet Society’s Discord get-togethers are informal, weekly sessions aimed at fostering community, facilitating conversation, and promoting engagement among our members. Unlike formal meetings, […]

— October 26, 2023

Europlanet Prize for Public Engagement 2023 awarded to Daniela de Paulis and El Mehdi Essaidi Europlanet Press Release The 2023 Europlanet Prize for Public Engagement has been awarded jointly to the […]

— October 25, 2023

A Blink of a Star: An Occultation Citizen Science Project – Europlanet Funding Scheme 2023 Grant Fostering curiosity about planetary sciences and space in general is the basis of the […]

— October 11, 2023

EPEC Profiles – Jessica Hogan In this series from the EPEC Communication Working Group, we meet members of the Europlanet Early Career (EPEC) community and find out more about their experiences […]

— October 11, 2023

The Europlanet 2024 Research Infrastructure (RI) project looks at the many ways Machine Learning (ML) is revolutionising planetary science. The advent of Machine Learning (ML) has enabled a new approach, […]

— October 2, 2023

2023 Farinella Prize Awarded to Federica Spoto and Diego Turrini Europlanet Society Press Release Dr Federica Spoto, of the Minor Planet Centre in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, and Dr Diego Turrini, […]

— September 12, 2023

Results of Europlanet Society Committee Funding Scheme 2023 The results have been announced of a call by the Europlanet Society to support funding proposals of €1000 to €5000 from its Regional […]

— August 16, 2023

Issue 5 of the Europlanet Magazine is out now! In this issue: In Focus A round up of news from Europlanet and the planetary community, including ESA’s JUICE Mission – Making History […]

— August 13, 2023

EPEC Profiles – Victor Amir Cardoso Dorneles In this series from the EPEC Communication Working Group, we meet members of the Europlanet Early Career (EPEC) community and find out more about […]

— July 6, 2023

Call for Vice Chair of EPSC Executive Committee Deadline: Thursday, 17 August 2023 We are looking for a volunteer to act as Vice-Chair of the EPSC Executive Committee for upcoming […]

— November 18, 2023

Europe will harness space for a greener future, take decisive steps in exploration, and ensure autonomous access to space while preparing a paradigm shift towards a more competitive next generation […]

— November 18, 2023

SpaceX has signed a contract to loft up to four of Europe’s Galileo navigation satellites over two launches in 2024. The deal, which Elon Musk‘s company inked recently with the European Space […]

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