Paolo Farinella Prize

The Paolo Farinella Prize is awarded annually at the Europlanet Science Congress (EPSC).

Paolo Farinella

The Paolo Farinella prize was established to honour the memory and the outstanding figure of Paolo Farinella (1953–2000), an extraordinary scientist and person, in recognition of significant contributions given in the fields of interest of Farinella, which span from planetary sciences to space geodesy, fundamental physics, science popularization, and security in space, weapons control and disarmament. The winner of the prize is selected each year on the basis of his/her overall research results in a chosen field, among candidates with international and interdisciplinary collaborations, not older than 47 years, the age of Farinella when he passed away on 25 March 2000. The prize was first proposed during the ‘International Workshop on Paolo Farinella the scientist and the man’, held in Pisa in 2010, supported by the University of Pisa and by IAPS-INAF (Rome).

The 11th Paolo Farinella Prize, 2021

Prof Diana Valencia, a physicist working at the Department of Physical Sciences and of the University of Toronto, and Prof Lena Noack, a planetary scientist working at Department of Earth Sciences at Freie Universität Berlin, have been awarded jointly the 2021 Paolo Farinella Prize for their significant contributions in our understanding of the interior structure and dynamics of terrestrial and super-Earth exoplanets. Read the full press release announcement.

EPSC2021 – CE5 Farinella Prize Lectures from Copernicus Meetings on Vimeo.

Recipients of the Paolo Farinella Prize

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The 10th Paolo Farinella Prize in 2020 was awarded to Jonathan Fortney and Heather Knutson for their contributions in our understanding of the structure, evolution and atmospheric dynamics of giant planets.

Watch the prize lectures by Prof Fortney and Prof Knutson:

Farinella Prize Winners 2020: Jonathan Fortney and Heather Knutson

Farinella Prize lectures from Europlanet Society on Vimeo.

Adam P. Showman

The 2020 prize was also awarded in honour of the outstanding scientific contributions of Adam Showman (1968-2020) who had accepted to be a member of the prize committee and passed away unexpectedly, leaving an immense body of theoretical work to understand the dynamics of planetary atmospheres

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The 9th Paolo Farinella Prize in 2019 was awarded to Scott Sheppard and Chad Trujillo for their contribution to the field of ‘Completing the Inventory of the Solar System’.

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The 8th Paolo Farinella Prize in 2018 was awarded to Francis Nimmo for his contribution to the field of ‘Giant planets’ satellite systems’.

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The 7th Paolo Farinella Prize in 2017 was awarded to Simone Marchi for his contribution to the field of ‘Colliding worlds: A journey in time and space through the solar system’.

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The 6th Paolo Farinella Prize in 2016 was awarded to Kleomenis Tsiganis for his contribution to the field of ‘Applications of celestial mechanics to the dynamics of planetary systems’.

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The 5th Paolo Farinella Prize in 2015 was awarded to Nicolas Biver for his contribution to the field of ‘Dynamics and physics of comets’.

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2015 Paolo Farinella Prize winner, Nicolas Biver


The 4th Paolo Farinella Prize in 2014 was awarded to David Vokrouhlicky for his contribution to the field of ‘Asteroid dynamics’.

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The 3rd Paolo Farinella Prize in 2013 was awarded to Patrick Michel for his contribution to the field of ‘Collisional processes in the Solar System’.




The 2nd Paolo Farinella Prize in 2012 was awarded to John Chambers for his contribution to the field of ‘Formation and early evolution of the solar system’.


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The inaugural Paolo Farinella Prize in 2011 was awarded to William F Bottke for his contribution to the field of ‘Physics and dynamics of small solar system bodies’.

William Bottke receiving the Farinella Prize

The prize was supported by the University of Pisa, IAPS-INAF (Rome), IFAC/CNR (Firenze) and ASI.

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