EPEC Outreach Working Group

EPEC Outreach Working Group

The EPEC Outreach Working Group is dedicated to all outreach activities carried out by early career researchers. Outreach plays a very important role in the scientific community. By spreading scientific news to the public, we can both inspire them and also engage different audiences with planetary sciences. We strongly believe that science is a collaborative effort and we would like to improve the connection between science and society!

Our ultimate goal is to build a community around Europe where EPEC members can discuss on effective practices and exchange ideas about outreach. In order to achieve this, we aim to organize a variety of activities that can be organized (by EPEC researchers)for different groups of the public. Different audiences require different communication approaches and thus, we will share with you multiple methods corresponding to each audience (public, university students, schools etc.).

Recent activities

Some of our recent actions include examples of outreach activities conducted by EPEC members in different European countries. You can read more in the following link: http://www.europlanet-society.org/outreach-activities-by-epec-members/

Inspiring Outreach Stories

Our main upcoming activity is focused on inspiring outreach stories carried out by EPEC members. The stories will be published once every month. Every story will work as a case study and will act as an effort to inspire and motivate others to do outreach activities! The first stories are now online:

Work with us

Everyone is welcome to join our group and start doing outreach! If you would like to share your public engagement story and inspire other members, write to us. If you are interested to joining our team or have any ideas for outreach, again, write to us! We are looking forward to hearing back from you and inspire more people, especially the next generations.

Anastasia Kokori, MSc Science Communicator, Royal Observatory Greenwich
Dr. Petr Brož, researcher at the Institute of Geophysics of the Czech Academy of Science

Contact: epec.outreach@gmail.com