Europlanet Prize for Public Engagement

Europlanet Prize for Public Engagement

About the Europlanet Prize for Public Engagement


The Europlanet Prize for Public Engagement with Planetary Science is awarded to individuals or groups who have developed innovative and socially impactful practices in planetary science communication and education.

Through the Prize, Europlanet aims to:

  • Recognise achievements in engaging European citizens with planetary science, promoting inspiration, learning and social responsibility.
  • Raise the profile of public engagement and education as valued activities within the scientific community. 

The Europlanet Prize for Public Engagement with Planetary Science was established in 2010 and is awarded annually*.

*Prizes were awarded annually from 2010-2013 and will be awarded from 2016-2019. No prizes were awarded in 2014 and 15.


When to Submit a Nomination:

The call for nominations for the Europlanet Prize for Public Engagement 2020 is now closed. Please check back on this webpage and follow @europlanetmedia on social media to find out when the 2021 call will be launched.

How to Submit a Nomination:

  • Complete the online form and upload three supporting letters. 
  • You can nominate yourself or another person. However, the three supporting letters should be from people other than the nominee.


  • The prize recognizes and honours outstanding efforts by an individual or an institution in public engagement and/or educational activities related to planetary science.
  • It is awarded to individuals or groups who have developed innovative practices in planetary science communication/education, and whose efforts have contributed significantly to a wider public engagement with planetary science.
  • For the purposes of this prize, planetary science refers to the multidisciplinary study of objects in our Solar System and those orbiting other stars (exoplanetary systems).
  • The recipient of the prize will be selected by the Europlanet 2024 RI Outreach Jury following the above mentioned criteria. The Committee has the sole authority to select winners, as well as the option not to award the prize in any year, at its discretion.
  • The prize will consist of a cash award of 4000 €. The winner will be honoured at the Europlanet Science Congress (EPSC) and will be invited to share experiences and best practice by delivering an online prize lecture.


If you have any questions, please contact José Antonio Gordillo Martorell, the Chair of the Europlanet Outreach Jury (

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Past Prize winners

2019 Europlanet Prize for Public Engagement with Planetary Science

Dr Amelia Ortiz-Gil with the 3D tactile model of Mars exhibited at the Science Museum “Principe Felipe” in Valencia. Credit: M. Pallardó

The 2019 Europlanet Prize for Public Engagement with Planetary Science has been awarded to Dr Amelia Ortiz-Gil in recognition of her pioneering work in developing educational and outreach resources for people with a range of physical and cognitive special needs.

Dr Ortiz-Gil has more than 15 years’ experience working in outreach at the University of Valencia (Spain), and has led numerous initiatives to promote accessibility in astronomy, including the development of tactile 3D planetary globes of the Moon, Mars and Venus. In 2013, she led the development of “A Touch of the Universe”, the first project to create a kit of astronomical resources accessible to the blind and visually impaired. To date, 30 kits have been distributed to educators and teachers in South America, Asia and Africa and the resources are also available under a Creative Commons license at:

Read the full press release and interview with Amelia Ortiz-Gil.