Global Collaboration and Integration Development
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Global Collaboration and Integration Development

Global collaboration and Integration development are strategic priorities of the Europlanet 2024 RI. Our target is to strengthen and expand the European planetary science community by providing opportunities for collaborative and culturally agile engagement with the international planetary science community.

We aim to generate a globally integrated and interconnected planetary science community and stimulate the creation of new opportunities in a long-term vision.

Efforts will focus on

  1. The inclusive growth of non-developed and emerging countries – in particular African and South American countries, where several TA1 infrastructures are located.
  2. Defining the boundary conditions for a pilot TA between Europe and planetary infrastructure providers in Asia (China and Korea).

In this perspective, we will support the development of a network of Europlanet 2024 RI Ambassadors to promote European planetary science globally, and generate international collaborations and networks through training workshops, meetings and conferences, science dissemination at national and international levels. This task will also scope out and pilot a sustainable TA programme with Asian partners.

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