Europlanet Logo and Branding Guidelines

From its origins as a network to bring the European planetary community together, Europlanet has evolved greatly over the past 17 years. Today’s multi-faceted Europlanet ‘umbrella’ covers not only a research infrastructure and membership society, but all kinds of projects, events, hubs, groups and programmes within the planetary community. The Europlanet Branding Guidelines Overview includes all logos and explanations of their purpose within the Europlanet brand, as well as more specific guidelines for the buse of sub-brands by their communities.

  • Europlanet logo
  • Typeface
  • Logo Design Elements
  • Clear Minimum Space
  • Minimum Sizes – Printing / Digital
  • File Types
  • Coloured Backgrounds
  • Photographic Backgrounds

Download the logo pack for Europlanet activities and events:

  • Europlanet 2024 Research Infrastrucutre
    • VESPA
    • SPIDER
    • GMAP
    • Machine Learning
    • Transnational Access
    • Europlanet Telescope Network
    • Europlanet Industry
  • Europlanet Society
    • Europlanet Science Congress (EPSC)
    • Europlanet Early Careers (EPEC)
    • Europlanet Regional Hubs