Europlanet Logo and Branding Guidelines

From its origins as a network to bring the European planetary community together, Europlanet has evolved greatly over the past 17 years. Today’s multi-faceted Europlanet ‘umbrella’ covers not only a research infrastructure and membership society, but all kinds of projects, events, hubs, groups and programmes within the planetary community.

The Europlanet Branding Guidelines Overview includes all logos and explanations of their purpose within the Europlanet brand, as well as more specific guidelines for the use of sub-brands by their communities.

On this page, you can download:

  • Logo packs for Europlanet 2024 RI and Europlanet Society activities (suitable for digital use or printing)
  • Templates for presentations
  • Printed materials (leaflets, stickers, banners etc)

Download the logo packs for Europlanet Society activities and events:

Europlanet Society Logo Pack (Digital Use)Europlanet Society Logo Pack (Print Use)
EPSC Logo Pack (Digital Use)EPSC Logo Pack (Print Use)
EPEC Logo Pack (Digital Use)EPEC Logo Pack (Print Use)
Wiki Edit-a-Thon Logo Pack (Digital Use)Wiki Edit-a-Thon Logo Pack (Print Use)
Europlanet Regional Hubs
All Hub Logos Pack (Digital and Print Use)
Benelux Hub Logo Pack

Central Europe Hub Logo Pack

France Hub Logo Pack

Germany Hub Logo Pack

Ireland & UK Hub Logo Pack

Italy Hub Logo Pack

Northern Europe Hub Logo Pack

Southeast Europe Hub Logo Pack

Spain and Portugal Hub Logo Pack

Switzerland Hub Logo Pack

Templates/General Presentations

Download Europlanet 2024 Research Infrastructure (RI) slide template (The template includes slides with examples of how to use sub-logos e.g. Transnational Access, VESPA, SPIDER, GMAP, Machine Learning, Europlanet Telescope Network and Europlanet Industry).

Download Europlanet Society slide template (The template includes slides with examples of how to use sub-logos e.g. EPEC, EPSC, Regional Hub logos and Wiki Edit-a-Thon).

Overview of Europlanet 2024 RI slide deck – January 2023 PPT | PDF

Printed materials

A6 Folded Leaflet

Download Europlanet leaflet files for printing:

  • Front & Back Cover PDF
  • Content (with template) PDF | Content (without template) PDF

Poster version PDF


Download file for printing sticker A4 sheet PDF

Roller Banners

Download print files for Roller Banners (1m x 2m, plus bleeds and safe area):

  • Roller Banner 1 PDF
  • Roller Banner 2 PDF