Outreach Resources

Outreach Resources

Europlanet offers a range of resources to support outreach activities related to planetary science. These include:

Educational Resources

In partnership with AstroEdu, Europlanet has created collections of planetary-themed educational resources. We also feature an educational Planetary Resource of the Week.


We are creating infographics related to the Europlanet 2024 RI project services.

Download files for the Europlanet Telescope Network


We have created stylised imagery of planets and their moons and offer editable Adobe Illustrator files or high resolution png files (click on the images below)  for download and use under Creative Commons license.



Europlanet has created a series of animations about hot topics in planetary science, including:

  • Astrobiology: Life in the Universe
  • Jupiter and its Icy Moons
  • Space Detectives: The Case of the Rocks from Space
  • The Transit of Mercury


Europlanet has 10 exhibition panels for loan or download. Find out more.

Planet P.I.

Europlanet’s educational activity, Planet P.I., challenges you to investigate the climates of Earth and Mars and try to understand why there are differences and similarities. Find out more.