EPSC 2013 Press Briefing: Planetary Science and the NewSpace Entrepreneurs
September 9, 2013

EPSC 2013 Press Briefing: Planetary Science and the NewSpace Entrepreneurs

EPSC 2013 Media Briefing: Planetary Science and the NewSpace Entrepreneurs
Date: Tuesday 10 September 12:45-13:45 BST (GMT+1)
Location: Haldane Room, UCL, Gower Street, London

Remote participation:
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A new type of space industry is emerging with space exploration undertaken as a private, entrepreneurial venture. As well as commercial rewards, this break from programmes overseen by national and international government bodies could open up a new frontier, making space beyond Earth-orbit more accessible to all. What are the potential opportunities in this new sector for business, for private citizens and for scientists? What does planetary science tell us about the feasibility of these ventures and the opportunities that exist for them? What mechanisms are still needed to enable NewSpace to blast off?

James Carpenter (European Space Agency)

John Zarnecki (Open University/University College London) – Opening a new frontier for planetary science
Doug Currie (Professor Emeritus, University of Maryland) – returning science experiments to the Moon after 40 years
Alex Hall (Senior Director of Google Lunar XPRIZE) – Announcement of Google Lunar XPRIZE Judging Panel and Terrestrial Milestones Prizes NewSpace

Arno Wielders (Mars One)
Rafael Harillo (Barcelona Moon Team)
Tor Mortensen (Euroluna)
Stjepan Bedić (Team STELLAR)