Announcing the Contenders for the #PlanetaryScience4All Video Contest 2021
September 15, 2021

Announcing the Contenders for the #PlanetaryScience4All Video Contest 2021

Earlier this year, the Europlanet Early Career (EPEC) Communication working group invited all early career researchers, including PhD, Master’s and Bachelor’s students, involved in planetary science the opportunity to showcase their research through a 4-minute video contest called #PlanetaryScience4All.

Watch the 2021 Contenders’ Entries

The winner is….

The winner of the 2nd edition of the #PlanetaryScience4All EPEC-EPSC Video Contest will be announced during the EPSC2021 session CE10 – Other Prize Lectures, at 14:20–14:50 (CEST) on Friday 24 September.

The Judging Committee for the second edition of the #PlanetaryScience4all includes eight members of the current EPEC Communications Working Group.  All members have been involved in planetary science research projects as well as several outreach activities. The group is made by people of different nationalities currently working for different institutions and universities.

The group is voting using  a Google form where is not possible to see scores assigned by the other judges. Videos are going to be evaluated according to the following criteria: Scientific content, Structure Presentation delivery Layout, and Visual quality. The scores have been given based on a scale from 0 to 5. The video with the highest score will be considered the winner of the competition.  

The winner of the video contest will receive free registration to EPSC 2022 which will be held in Granada, Spain. 

Help spread the word on social media #PlanetaryScience4All #PS4All #EPSC2021 and join us on Friday 24 September to find out if your favourite entry has won!