Distributed Research Infrastructure (RI) Survey

About the Survey

The purpose of collecting this data is to demonstrate the breadth of distributed research infrastructures (RIs) to ESFRI and to help build a stronger and more robust voice for the distributed RI community.

Data submitted will be confidential and only extracts will be used in any ESFRI communications. For more details, see the privacy policy below.

Please fill out what you can – do not worry if you do not have all the information.

Privacy Policy

How we collect data: 

Data is collected through a NinjaForms survey that is hosted on the Europlanet Society website and follows GDPR compliant procedures. More information about the Europlanet Privacy Policy can be found here. The results will be analysed by the Distributed Research Infrastructure Forum Programme Committee.

Contact details: 

Providing contact details is optional. If you choose to provide these we may get in contact with certain respondents where we think that their feedback is worth expanding on by offering an opportunity for a follow-up conversation. 

Right to delete information: 

You can contact us to ask for data to be removed from the survey response tables by contacting the Distributed RI programme Committee

Distributed Research Infrastructure Forum Programme Committee.

  • Nigel Mason (Europlanet RI)
  • Patrick England (MOSBRI)
  • Oguz Ozkan (European Science Foundation
  • Søren Vrønning Hoffmann (MOSBRI)
  • Liliana Avila Ospina (MOSBRI)
  • Susmita Datta (Europlanet RI)
  • Anita Heward (Europlanet RI)

Contact the programme committee