EPSC 2018 Livestream Press Briefings

Live Streams of Press Briefings at EPSC 2018

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Tuesday, 18th September, 12:40-13:45 Central European Summer Time (UTC+2) 

Mercury and BepiColombo

  • New results on the birth and strange chemistry of Mercury – Thomas Ronnet and Bastien Brugger (University of Aix Marseille)
  • One month to BepiColombo launch – Johannes Benkhoff (European Space Agency)
  • Investigating mysterious Mercury with BepiColombo – Joana Oliveira (European Space Agency)
  • The Mercury Magnetospheric Orbiter of the BepiColombo mission – Go Murakami(JAXA)

Friday, 21st September, 12:40-13:45 Central European Summer Time (UTC+2)

Astrobiology and Society in Europe Today

  • Key science and research areas for astrobiology – Prof Nigel Mason (Open University, UK)
  • Astrobiology and society and Europe – Dr Klara Anna Čápová (Durham University, UK)
  • Environment and sustainability for astrobiology – Dr Eric Persson (Lund University, Sweden)
  • Leading the future of astrobiology in Europe: The European Astrobiology Institute – Prof Wolf Geppert (Stockholm University, Sweden)