EPSC 2020 Live Sessions

EPSC Live Sessions: Monday 21 September
10:00 CESTMorning programme
10:00 CESTMonday briefing. Upcoming highlights
10:20 CESTWelcome to EPSC. (Guests: Nigel Mason, Luisa Lara, Harri Haukka)
10:40 CESTSB9 – Laboratory measurements of minerals, ices and organic matter
11:00: CESTTP12 – Open Lunar Science & Innovation
11:20: CESTODAA1 – Diversity and Inclusiveness in Planetary Sciences
12:00 CESTEnd of morning session
16:00 CESTAfternoon session
16:00 CESTCE1 – Welcome and opening ceremony 
16:20 CESTPL1 – Life Stories – a career in planetology (diversity lecture by Amelia Ortiz-Gil) 
16:40 CESTCE2.2 – Life Stories: Q&A session with Amelia Ortiz Gil 
17:00 CESTTP7 – Ionospheres of unmagnetized or weakly magnetized bodies
17:20 CESTOPS2 – Ice Giant System Science and Exploration
17:40 CESTTP10 – Mercury Science and Exploration
18:00 – 20:00 CESTSMW2
Juno Ground-Based Support from Amateur Astronomers 

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