ESA Launches Transit of Mercury Schools Challenge
April 13, 2016

The European Space Agency (ESA) is inviting European schools to observe the transit of Mercury (either the entire or partial transit) and to measure the times that the edge of the disc of Mercury makes contact with the edge of the disc of the Sun.

Students are in with the chance of winning a prize by submitting a report with a brief description of the observing event, a picture, and their calculations and result result.

Students not able to make their own observations can still participate using the measurements that will be published online.


All groups that enter a short report including a description, photo, calculations and result will receive a certificate of participation and be entered into a draw with a chance to receive one of five ESA goodie bags. Furthermore, the first entry to be drawn at random will receive a videoconference with ESA scientists.

For full details, visit:

If you are observing the event please remember to NEVER look at the Sun with unprotected eyes, through ordinary sunglasses or through a telescope, as this might cause permanent damage to your eyes.