TA2 Facility 11 – Atomki Ice Chamber for Astrophysics / Astrochemistry (ICA)
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TA2 Facility 11 – Ice Chamber for Astrophysics / Astrochemistry (ICA)

Average visit: 10 days

The Ice Chamber for Astrophysics/Astrochemistry (ICA) at Atomki is designed to investigate the effect of ion irradiation of analogues of interstellar and Solar System ices deposited on a series of cold substrates (20-300 K) vertically mounted on a copper holder connected to a closed cycle cryostat, a 360° rotation stage and a z-linear translation stage.

The ice composition and the physi-co-chemical changes induced upon ion irradiation are monitored by in-frared spectroscopy in either a transmission or a reflection mode. Ions of different species and charge states mimicking the effects of cosmic rays and stellar wind are produced by a Tandetron accelerator with energies from 0.2 to 4 MeV. Temperature programed desorption studies can be performed on both non-irradiated and irradiated ices in order to identify molecules desorbing from the ice layer.

The major goal of the experimental apparatus is to systematically study space relevant ices under different ion-impact conditions (energy, fluxes and type of projectile) to better understand the origin and evolution of the building blocks of life.


Dr Zoltán Juhász, Institute for Nuclear Research (Atomki), Bem tér 18/c, H-4026 Debrecen, Hungary. zjuhasz@atomki.hu

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Report summaries of TA2.11 visits to facility

20-EPN2-070: Formation of Glycine and Alanine upon ion irradiation of space relevant ices
20-EPN-049: The Irradiation of Oxygen-Bearing Ices on Top of Pure Elemental Sulphur Layers
20-EPN2-045: Irradiation Effects of Energetic H+ and S+ Ion Implantation in Salts and Minerals...
20-EPN-025: Radioresistance of aromatic complex organic molecules
20-EPN-084: Converting one amino acid to the other containing sulfur via ion irradiation:...
TA 2.11: The Tandetron Laboratory of Atomki
20-EPN-016: Formation and fate of methyl formate isomers in space
TA 2.11: The Tandetron Laboratory of Atomki
20-EPN-005: Cosmic-ray-induced chemistry in pure ices
20-EPN-043: A Systematic Study of Sulfur Ion Radiolysis of Simple Oxide Ices
TA 2.11: The Tandetron Laboratory of Atomki
20-EPN-032: Radioresistance of aromatic complex organic molecules

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