TA2 Facility 16 – Carbon-14 Dating AMS Laboratory
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TA2 Facility 16 – Carbon-14 Dating AMS Laboratory

Average visit: 5 days

The Carbon-14 dating AMS Laboratory (AMS14C) provides C-14 analyses of Terrestrial/Extraterrestrial organic and inorganic samples, organic plant, inorganic carbonate, soil, gas, water and other liquids, rocks and meteorite (in-situ C-14). Technical parameters:

  • C-14 analyses using AMS system.
  • Fully equipped chemistry Lab for all kind of samples, including specialized line for extraction of in-situ C-14 from rocks.
  • The EnvironMICADAS includes all the necessary supporting infrastructure, equipment, and the gas ion source interface (GIS). It fulfils all the requirements needed for high-precision AMS 14C measurement.
  • HEKAL AMS C-14 sample preparation laboratory includes a physical sample processing lab, a chemistry lab, a sample combustion/gas cleaning lab, graphitization and target press lines.
  • In the case of micro samples (0.01-0.1 mg C), a CO2 gas based AMS analyses is applied using the gas ion source interface GIS of the MICADAS.
  • A multipurpose gas handling system was developed for the gas ion source of Environ-MICADAS at ETH Zürich, that is designed for the measurement of small samples (<0.1 mg C, down to 10µg) with moderate precision (~1.0% relative error on a modern sample).


Dr. Mihály Molnár, ISOTOPTECH Zrt. Bem ter 18/c, H-4026 Debrecen, Hungary.


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We strongly advise you to get in touch with the host facility to discuss the technical feasibility of your proposal before submitting an application.

Report summaries of TA visits to facility

TA 2.16: EnvironMICADAS (ETHZ) C-14 AMS system at AMS14C facility.
20-EPN2-018: Structure of the radiocarbon calibration curve around Miyake effect in 660 BC, AD 775...
TA 2.16: EnvironMICADAS (ETHZ) C-14 AMS system at AMS14C facility.
20-EPN2-025: Determining the C-14 ages of offshore groundwater by analysing fluid samples with small...

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