TA2 Facility 17 – Stable/Clumped Isotopes Laboratory
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TA2 Facility 17 – Stable/Clumped Isotopes Laboratory

Average visit: 5 days

The Isotoptech Stable/Clumped Isotopes Laboratory (ISIL) offers stable isotope analyses by a Thermo Finnigan Delta plus XP isotope ratio mass spectrometer (IRMS), which is specially designed for stable isotope ratio measurement of five elements (S, C, H, O, N) in gaseous form. The IRMS is equipped several sample preparation devices (including a coupled TC/EA, EA, Automated Carbonate Digestion and a coupled Gas Bench system) in order to transform the sample into gaseous (H2, CO2, CO, N2, SO2,) form.  

The infrastructure has also a Thermo Scientific MAT253 Plus type isotope ratio mass spectrometer which is able to measure conventional stable isotope ratio (δ18O, δ13C) of small amounts of carbonate samples down to 30 µg. The MAT253 Plus is dedicated to measuring clumped isotopes compositions (Δ47) of carbonates in gaseous form. It has a KIEL IV automatic carbonate device which consists of a thermostated reaction region, with an acid bath for conversion of carbonates to CO2, then a trapping and gas cleaning system and a microvolume inlet system. This system is suitable for measurement of traditional carbon, oxygen isotope ratios of low weight carbonate samples down to 30 μg besides the determination of clumped (Δ47) isotope ratios down to 1.3-1.7 mg.


Dr. László Rinyu, ISOTOPTECH Zrt. Bem ter 18/c, H-4026 Debrecen, Hungary.


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