TA2 Facility 18 – Isotoptech Noble Gas Laboratory
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TA2 Facility 18 – Isotoptech Noble Gas Laboratory

Average visit: 5 days

Noble Gas Laboratory (INGIL) offers stable noble gas isotope analyses by 3 different noble gas spectrometers. The VG5400 facility is mainly for gas and water samples in order to determine noble gas concentrations as well as the tritium (3He ingrowth method).

An MM5400 mass spectrometer has been adopted to work on tiny noble gas amounts extracted from solid samples (such as speleothems, minerals, rocks). A new Helix SFT (Thermo Scientific) noble gas mass spectrometer is in operation to improve the sensitivity and accuracy of helium analyses.

The laboratory is familiar with the analysis and interpretation of noble gas concentrations of groundwater samples in different time scales. As an example of accuracies, the noble gas concentrations can be determined by a standard deviation of 0.6%. 1.5%, 0.7%, 1.5% and 1.5% for He, Ne, Ar, Kr and Xe, respectively.

The researchers are experienced with noble gas measurements of fluid inclusions of different solid samples, however this field needs to be improved in the near future. Recent developments have been going on so that the laboratory is able to heat up bulk samples using resistance and inductive heating as well as individual minerals using focused laser beams.


Dr. László Palcsu, ISOTOPTECH Zrt. Bem ter 18/c, H-4026 Debrecen, Hungary.


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