TA2 Facility 3 – NHM Petrology, Mineralogy and Chemistry Facility
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TA2 Facility 3 – NHM Petrology, Mineralogy and Chemistry Facility

Average visit: 5 days

The Petrology, Mineralogy and Chemistry Facility (PMCF) at the Natural History Museum (NHM) offers an array of state-of-the-art instruments optimised to analyse the mineralogy, petrology and geochemistry of extraterrestrial materials and their analogues.

Instruments available include: 

  • Scanning electron microscopes (SEM), including with Bruker Flat Quad 5060F energy dispersive X-ray detector and cathodoluminescence capability
  • Field Emission Electron Microprobe analyser (EMPA)
  • Laser ablation ICP-MSComputed Tomography (CT)
  • X-ray Diffraction (XRD)
  • We can also offer access to our meteorite collection as well as advice on curation of meteorites, returned samples and their analogues. 

Further information on individual instruments.


Sara Russell, Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, London, SW7 5BD, UK. sarr@nhm.ac.uk

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Report summaries of TA visits to facility

20-EPN-080: Structural organization and complexity of the Antarctic cryptoendolithic communities

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