TA2 Facility 33 – High Voltage Electron Microscope (South Korea)
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TA2 Facility 33 – High Voltage Electron Microscope (South Korea)

Average visit: 7 Days (16hr + 3 Focused Ion Beams)


  • Accelerating voltage: 1,250 kV
  • Point resolution: 0.12 nm
  • Specimen tilt angle: α = ±60°, β = ±45°
  • Post column type Gatan Image Filter
  • Analytical functionality
    (1) 3D atomic resolution with high tilting capability
    (2) EELS & EF-TEM imaging (HV-GIF system)
    (3) in-situ TEM analysis (heating, irradiation, straining, & cooling)
    (4) 3D tomography


  • Analysis of the atomic structure of novel materials
  • Electronic structure and chemical analysis (HV-EELS)
  • In-situ cooling (-165℃), heating (Double (∼900℃) & single tilt (∼1300℃) heating holder), irradiation, and straining TEM study
  • Direct observation of phase transition of nanostructured materials
  • 3D electron tomography of nanostructured material


Dr. Keewook Yi, KBSI

Email: kyi[at]kbsi.re.kr

Website: WOLF portal information

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