TA2 Facility 34 – Atomic Level Electronic Structure STEM (South Korea)
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TA2 Facility 34 – Atomic Level Electronic Structure STEM (South Korea)

Average visit: 7 days (16hr + 3 Focused Ion Beams)


  • Monochromator system (30 – 200kV)
  • Probe Corrector (ASCOR 5th corrector)
  • EDX system (Jeol dual SDD system)
  • EELS system (1st Gatan Continuum – CMOS)
  • STEM detector (HAADF, BF, ABF, e-ABF)
  • Camera system (OneView 4k x 4k camera)
  • Resolution (in STEM): 0.136 nm at 30 kV, 0.08 nm ay 200 kV
  • Energy Resolution: < 25 meV at 60 kV, < 36 meV at 200 kV


  • Chemical analysis
  • Structure and defects analysis
  • Imaging analysis in variable conditions
  • High angle annular dark field imaging


Dr. Keewook Yi, KBSI

Email: kyi[at]kbsi.re.kr

Website: WOLF portal information

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