TA2 Facility 36 – Double Cs & monochromated TEM (South Korea)
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TA2 Facility 36 – Double Cs & monochromated TEM (South Korea)

Average visit: 7 days (16hr + 3 Focused Ion Beams)


  • Resolution
    – STEM resolution: 0.063 nm
    – TEM resolution: 0.063 nm
  • Energy Resolution: 0.1 eV in EELS
  • Electron Optics: Accel. Volt. 60 to 300 kV
  • EDX detection Limit: 1 atm%


  • High Spatial Resolution Spectrum Imaging for Nano Film and Nano Object[Catalysis CoreShell particle]
  • Chemical Bonding Analysis for HfO2 Dielectrics
  • Low Dose TEM for Organic Crystal
  • Atomic Resolution STEM confocal Imaging for dislocation in GaN
  • Identification of amorphous structure


Dr. Keewook Yi, KBSI

Email: kyi[at]kbsi.re.kr

Website: WOLF portal information

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