TA2 Facility 37 – Bio-High Voltage Electron Microscope (South Korea)
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TA2 Facility 37 – Bio-High Voltage Electron Microscope (South Korea)

Average visit: 7 days (16hr + 1 prep)


  • Accelerating Voltage: 1,000 kV
  • Poining resolution: 0.15 nm
  • STEM resolution: 2.0 nm
  • Analytical functionality:
    • 3D RT/Cryo-electron tomography
    • Large area panorama imaging
    • Thick bio/nano-specimen imaging with high contrast
    • In-column Ω energy filter


  • 3D modeling of cell organelles by high tilting (±70°) and high resolution (0.15 nm)
  • Enhanced contrast imaging using high accelerating voltage / in-column energy filter
  • Analysis of Enhanced large-area with high resolution by limitless panorama function


Dr. Keewook Yi, KBSI

Email: kyi[at]kbsi.re.kr

Website: KBSI website equipment page

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