TA2 Facility 38 – Cryo-Electron Microscope System (South Korea)
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TA2 Facility 38 – Cryo-Electron Microscope System (South Korea)

Average visit: 7 days (16hr + 1 prep)


  • Accelerating voltage: 80–200 kV (Talos Arctica), 80-300 kV (Titan Krios)
  • Information limit: 0.23 nm (Talos Arctica), 0.14 nm (Titan Krios)
  • Cryo-Autoloader: Automated and contamination-free loading of cassettes (up to 12 grids)
  • Stages: Computerized 4-axes specimen stage with ±70° alpha tilt, Cryo-stage with single axis holder 
  • Volta phase plate 
  • Detectors: Ceta-D Camera (for Micro-ED, Talos Arctica), K3 with Gatan post column imaging filter (Talos Arctica), Falcon 3EC (Titan Krios), BF/DF/HAADF STEM detector (Titan Krios)


  • Single particle analysis
  • Tomography
  • Sub-tomography
  • Micro-ED


Dr. Keewook Yi, KBSI

Email: kyi[at]kbsi.re.kr

Website: KBSI website equipment page

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