TA2 Facility 9 – Ion Probe Facility at CRPG
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TA2 Facility 9 – Ion Probe Facility at CRPG

Average visit: 10 days

The Centre de Recherches Pétrographiques et Géochimiques (CRPG) is the only analytical facility in Europe to host two large radius ion-probes (CAMECA 1280 HR2 and CAMECA 1270 E7, the latter with recently upgraded capacities).

Both instruments are equipped with a Hyperion RF O- source and a Cs+ source, and with high sensitivity 1012 Faraday cups. About 50 to 60 projects are performed each year. Routine analyses include U-Pb dating on zircon, monazite and apatite, stable isotope ratios and volatile and trace element contents of different matrices.

A notable speciality is high precision measurement of the isotope ratios of elements such as H, Li, N, Mg, Si, and Fe including mass independent fractionation of sulphur and oxygen isotopes. The Ion Probe Nancy Team (IPNT) has acquired expertise on extraterrestrial samples, geological samples and environmental samples.


Johan Villeneuve, Centre de Recherches Pétrographiques et Géochimiques (CRPG UMR 7358 CNRS-UL), 15 rue Notre Dame des Pauvres, 54500 Vandeouvre-les-Nancy, France. johan.villeneuve@univ-lorraine.fr

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Report summaries of TA visits to facility

Type II chondrule – Semarkona (Ordinary chondrite 3.0). Ol = olivine; Chr = spinel phase. Thomas van Gerve, Kat Shepherd et al
20-EPN-034: Calibration of the Al-in-olivine thermometer: Insight into the thermal history of type...
20-EPN-050: 26-Aluminium-26-Magnesium systematics of chondrules and clasts in unequilibriated...

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