Widening Participation

Widening Participation

Success breeds success – so the gap between “the successful” and “the rest” increases over time. Our perception of excellence is also based on many false indicators and thus we contribute to the endless inflation of success of the lucky ones.

In Europe (and also globally), the gap between the successful planetologists and the “rest” can be drawn on a map: there is a geographical imbalance in planetary science. Europlanet 2024 RI aims to build a diverse and inclusive European  (global) network of planetary scientists and space industry participants.

We focus on raising awareness of the existing prejudices, and convincing decision-makers that the European planetary community can be more effective if we notice, regard and include people from the under-represented states (URS) as well.

We believe that inclusion leads to more effective collaborations, a higher level of motivation, a wider range of viewpoints and new ways of creativity. 

We aim to bring new chances to the under-represented countries, especially
their young graduates, early career scientists and space engineers.

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