Issue 5 – Take Off

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Community-building is a major focus for Europlanet in 2023. The Europlanet Research Infrastructure Meeting (ERIM), held in Bratislava in June, was an opportunity to bring old friends and new faces together to discuss the future of the family of Europlanet activities. The outcomes of ERIM will be used to form a roadmap and operational plan for Europlanet going forward. We are at the early stages of digesting more than 80 hours of discussions, presentations and training from the ERIM programme and will report in more detail about what happened at the meeting in the next issue of the Europlanet Magazine. 

Aside from ERIM, there have been multiple Europlanet workshops in recent months that are reported in our ‘In Focus‘ news section. This issue includes a feature on what the JUICE mission will do when it reaches the icy moons of Jupiter in 2031. We look at how Europlanet investments have created state-of-the-art laboratory facilities across Europe. Our Planetary Perspectives interview introduces an early career researcher working in asteroid mining. We also find out about how live-streaming, science fiction and games can bring planetary science to new audiences. 

Happy summer reading! 

Anita Heward, Editor.

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Issue 5 of Europlanet Magazine