Molėtai Magic 

Molėtai Magic   

Alejandro Luis García Muñoz reports on the Europlanet Summer School 2023 at the Molėtai Astronomical Observatory in Lithuania.  

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What do you get if you mix a group of strangers in one of the most remote places in Lithuania? For the participants in the Europlanet Summer School 2023, it was an experience that turned a group of people, with a common passion, into a family of cosmos lovers. 

During 10 days, from 8-18 August, people with varying levels of astronomical knowledge shared a laugh whilst learning at the Molėtai Observatory – or even taking a dip in the nearby lakes, surrounded by nature. The lectures were designed to be accessible even for beginners (like me). The level gradually increased through the Summer School, ensuring that even the most experienced in the field learned something new, thanks to the efforts made by the speakers to ensure that everyone could enjoy and learn. When the weather allowed, the main star of the event was the night-time observations. The Perseid shower coincided with the Summer School so we were able to become real ‘Perseid Hunters’. Thanks to all the friends I made in Lithuania, I can now recognise many constellations in the sky and will remember them with great affection, along with memories of the Summer School. The ‘icing on the cake’ was a visit to the Lithuanian capital Vilnius. The city welcomed us with its incredibly preserved ancient aesthetics and allowed us to learn more about its rich history and about the whole country. 

I have no doubt that every starry night from now on will be a portal to memories of the moments shared on this ‘ast(r)onishing’ adventure! 

Issue 6 of Europlanet Magazine