Nominations of the Europlanet Society Committee and Regional Hub Chairs

The 4 year term of most of the chairs of the Europlanet Society committees (diversity, policy, industry and outreach) and regional hubs will be ending at the General Assembly on 22 September 2022.

As such, the Europlanet Society is now looking for nominations for the positions of chairs of its committees and regional hubs. The current chairs have the possibility to renew their term once.

Any TWO ordinary members may nominate candidates for the position of committe chairs. If you are interested in nominating a candidate, please fill the form below and indicate the committee or regional hubs the candidate is nominated for. The two members proposing the nominations (“proposers”) must be different from the nominee.

Responsibilities of the Committee / Regional Hub Chairs

The objective of the Europlanet Society committees and regional hubs is to act as a strategic and operational body to advise, coordinate and champion planetary science and the activities of the Europlanet Society either within the committee’s remit (e.g. diversity, policy or outreach) or within the designated regional area (for regional hubs) to further the Society’s commitment to building and sustaining Europe’s planetary science community.

Committee Chairs

The committee and regional hub chairs will be in charge of coordinating the activities and appointing the members of their committee / regional hub. The committee and regional hub chairs will be working closely with the Executive Board to shape the future of the Europlanet Society.

The chairs will be in charge of running monthly / bi-monthly meetings of their committee or regional hub, managing its yearly budget and coordinating the submission of proposals from its membership to the Europlanet Society committee funding scheme. Finally, the chairs will also report to the Executive Board on a bi-annual basis about the activities of the committee or regional hub.