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COSPAR 44th Scientific Assembly

16 July 2022 @ 8:00 am 24 July 2022 @ 5:00 pm UTC+1

The COSPAR 44th Scientific Assembly will take place in Athens, Greece from 16-24 July 2022 at the Megaron Athens International Conference Centre.

Planetary sessions include:

  • B0.1 Comparative Planetology
  • B0.2 Space Resources
  • B1.1 Small Body Exploration Sciences: From the Solar System to Interstellar Objects
  • B1.2 Kuiper Belt and Trans-Neptunian Objects
  • B1.3 Astrochemistry and Composition as Ariadne’s Threads for Planet
  • B2.1 Space Geodetic Reference Systems and Frames: Current State and Future Challenges for Geodynamical Investigations
  • B3.1 Lunar Science and Exploration
  • B3.2 Human and Robotic Exploration of the Moon and Synergy with Mars and Asteroids Formation
  • B4.1 Venus Science and Exploration
  • B4.2 Mars Science Results
  • B4.3 Forward Planning for the Exploration of Mars
  • B4.4 Mars Sample Return
  • B4.5 Mercury
  • B5.1 Ocean Worlds
  • B5.2 Giant Planets and their Systems
  • B6.1_E4.1 Exoplanet Detection and Characterisation: Current Research, Future Opportunities and the Search for Life Outside the Solar System
  • C3.1 Planetary Atmospheres

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