Highlights from EPSC-DPS Joint Meeting 2019
October 5, 2019

Highlights from EPSC-DPS Joint Meeting 2019

1. The biggest Joint Meeting to date! With 1731 attendees, EPSC-DPS 2019 was the biggest joint meeting of EPSC and DPS to date, beating the records of 1532 participants in Nantes in 2011 and 1400+ in Pasadena in 2016.

2. Prize winners and talks. Congratulations to all the EPSC and DPS prize winners 2019.

3. Open Mic. Who knew just how multitalented our community could be?

4. Diversity and inclusion. Diversity and inclusion were centre stage at the meeting in 2019, with dedicated oral and poster sessions, the keynote diversity lecture and a packed Women in Planetary Science lunchtime discussion.

5. Early Career support. The EPEC network organised a comprehensive programme to support early career participants at EPSC-DPS 2019, including a mentoring scheme, short courses and social events. Thanks to the EPEC-EPSC team for all their efforts.

6. Celebrating planets in Geneva. From the baggage carousel at the airport to the 1:1 scale model of the VLT in the Plaine de Plainpalais, Geneva embraced exploration of planets in our own Solar System and beyond. Thanks to the LOC for their efforts.

7. Moons Symphony. We were blown away by the incredible Moons Symphony, presented by Amanda Falkenberg during EPSC-DPS 2019.

8. The Exhibition. From models of CHEOPS to the full VR experience, thanks to our exhibitors for their eye-catching contributions to the meeting.

9. Science. A total of 1938 presentations were scheduled at the meeting, including 1062 orals and 876 posters in 58 sessions, plus 39 splinter workshops and 16 community events. Many thanks to the SOC for putting together such an enormous and varied programme.

10. Community. The whole point of EPSC-DPS joint meetings is to bring the global planetary community together! As well as almost 1000 European and over 600 US participants, we welcomed over 90 attendees from Asia as well as researchers from Africa, Australia, Canada, Central and South America.

A big thank you to the Joint Organising Committee, the Conveners, the Session Chairs, the Conference Assistants and Copernicus for organising a great meeting.

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