Live Press Briefing on Cheops Mission
September 16, 2019

Live Press Briefing on Cheops Mission

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The meeting hashtag is #EPSCDPS2019.

Monday 16th September, 12:15-13:15 CEST (10:15-11:15 UTC / 06:15-07:15 EDT)
Cheops mission update

Michel Mayor (University of Geneva) – Exoplanets in context
Kate Isaak (European Space Agency) – Cheops mission status
Willy Benz (University of Bern) – Cheops – An exoplanet follow-up mission
Ravit Helled (University of Zurich) – Cheops contribution to open questions in (exo)planetary science
David Ehrenreich (University of Geneva) – Cheops in the context of other exoplanet missions