‘Nobody Steals the Sun’ at Europlanet Congress
October 7, 2006

‘Nobody Steals the Sun’ at Europlanet Congress

The musical results of a collaboration between an astronomer, a science journalist and a composer are being presented at the first EPSC Congress in Berlin. Emotion, mystery, and science truth vibrate in ‘Nobody steals the Sun’, a soundtrack dedicated to the March 29, 2006 Total Solar Eclipse.

Based on an idea by a science journalist, Catalin Mosoia, and supervised by a professional astronomer, Dr Magda Stavinschi, Romanian composer Cristian Matei produced a piece of music that is linked to the key moments of a total eclipse of the Sun.

Composed for non-commercial purposes only, the soundtrack can be downloaded here.
Visit the Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy website at www.astro.ro.