April 16, 2021

Note on EPSC2021 Fees

Although EPSC2021 will not involve many of the costs of physical meetings (e.g. catering and venue hire), organising a virtual meeting incurs costs related to administration, technical support, software licensing fees and development for some of the online tools.

At EPSC2020, an abstract processing fee (APF) of €50 was introduced to cover the handling of abstracts submitted to the meeting and the upload of related presentation materials, and an APF will also be applied for EPSC2021. APFs are not refundable in case of an abstract’s withdrawal, rejection, or double submission, and are a flat fee for all abstracts with no discounts available.

In addition to the APF, there will also be a participation fee. Early-registration rates will provisionally be €100 for Europlanet Members (€75 discounted rate) and €175 for non-members (€125 discounted rate). The participation fees have been increased to cover the actual costs associated with the organisation of a virtual meeting, which were significantly underestimated last year for EPSC2020. Registered participants will be able to log onto the EPSC2021 website, have full access to presentations and participate in discussions. Discounted rates on participation fees are offered for students, doctoral candidates, retirees, amateur astronomers, outreach providers and educators.


Early career professionals, students, outreach providers, educators, amateur astronomers and members of the community from under-represented countries may apply for bursaries to cover their participation and abstract processing fees.

Successful bursary applicants will be able to reclaim the EPSC2021 abstract processing fee of 50€ plus their registration fee. A call for applications will be announced following the issue of letters of acceptance for abstracts for EPSC2021. 

The Europlanet Society