Climate Detectives

Climate Detectives, led by the University of Latvia, will develop a suite outreach tools for use in formal and informal learning settings based around two of Europlanet’s core science themes: planetary analogues and comparative planetology, both of which have proved very effective in engaging audiences with planetary science in activities to date.

The Climate Detectives project will develop a kit for students to build Arduino-based climate monitors, which they will use to collect data and upload to a database within an online platform. Scientists on planetary analogue field trips will gather comparative climate data from the field sites and share this via the online platform.

Educational resources (activity plans and learning resources) will be developed around the aspects of the project (e.g. climate, weather, seasons, the movement of the sun during the day, position of planets within the solar system, conditions for life etc), which will be made available via the online platform.

The platform will include a Wiki where students can share data, ideas and activities. The educational activities will be piloted with the aid of a core group of schools and science centres in the first phase.