Evaluation Toolkit – Key to Symbols

Evaluation Toolkit – Key to Symbols

This key summarises the symbols used within the “At a glance…” tables for each of the tools to indicate where they are most appropriate. A text-box description will appear in the tools when you hover over the icons as a reminder for what they mean.

Where a symbol is surrounded by a box within the “At a glance… table” then that tool is especially suited to that particular category (e.g. Who: Particularly Suited to Primary School )

Suitable audiences (Who)
Primary School
Who: Primary School

Secondary SchoolWho: Secondary School

Interested AdultWho: Interested Adult

General PublicWho: General Public

Activity type (What)
Drop-In (Festivals and Demonstrations)Activity Type: Drop in (festivals and demonstrations)

Interactive WorkshopActivity Type: Interactive Workshop

Ongoing Series (Clubs, Courses, etc)Activity Type: Ongoing Series (Clubs, Courses, etc)

Lecture PresentationActivity Type: Lecture Presentation

OnlineActivity Type: Online

Data medium (Data)
Online – Long ResponsesData: Online Long Response

Online – Short ResponsesData: Online Short Response

Writing – Long ResponsesData: Writing Long Response

Writing – Short ResponsesData: Writing Short Response

Multiple Choice ResponsesData: Multiple Choice

Verbal InputData: Verbal Response

Audio / VideoData: Audio / Video

Drawing / VisualData: Drawing / Visual

Time required (Time)
Preparation – Short (Can Do in Hour Before Activity)Time: Preparation Short (Can do in hour before activity)

Preparation – Medium (Day Before)Time: Preparation Medium (Day before)

Preparation – Long (Week Before)Time: Preparation Long (Week before)

Respondent Completion Time (Implementation) – Short (<1 Min)Time: Respondent Completion Time (Implementation) - Short (

Respondent Completion Time (Implementation) – Medium (1-5 Min)Time: Respondent Completion Time (Implementation) - Medium (1-5 Min)

Respondent Completion Time (Implementation) – Long (>5 Min)Time: Respondent Completion Time (Implementation) - Long

Analysis – Short (None Needed or Automatic)Time: Analysis Short (None Needed or Automatic)

Analysis – Medium (Hour/s)Time: Analysis Medium (Hour/s)

Analysis – Long (Day/s)Time: Analysis Long (Day/s)

Information gained (Gain)
What Works / ImprovementsInformation Gained: What Works / Improvements

Immediate ReactionsInformation Gained: Immediate Reactions

Evidence Of Changes That OccurredInformation Gained: Evidence of Changes that Occurred

Addressing Misconceptions HeldInformation Gained: Misconceptions Held

Generic Learning Outcome area(s)
Knowledge & UnderstandingGLO: Knowledge & Understanding

Attitudes & ValuesGLO: Attitude & Values

Enjoyment, Inspiration & CreativityGLO: Enjoyment, Inspiration & Creativity

GLO: Skills

Behaviour & ProgressionGLO: Behaviour & Progression

We recognise that the above categories are not exhaustive, however from our initial scoping conversations with Europlanet members these were the major categories of interest for their outreach efforts.

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